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Below Are Testimonials From Satisfied Customers.

Here is an updated picture of our Bruno. We have to tell you he is amazing. People stop us constantly, to play with him. Other Bulldog owners tell us how perfect he is!!!! We just adore him. Anthony teases me that I constantly kiss him and say under my breath “he... 

Thank you so much for my family I couldn't tell you enough! We got Rhino then Gingerbread and lastly our new squishy cuties are Aries and Scrappy! They all love it and the toy & treats! Thank you adorable bulldogs for my big happy family!!!! Well be back again! - Purchased 2 Pups From Us!

Thank you so much for Milo and Jane, They are such a beautiful dogs we love them to bits, The are a star attraction everywhere I take them .they are cuddly, sweet and very cheeky and of course... 

Hello, I am writing to let you know how much we love our little Browni !! She is so precious and we are enjoying her so much these past few weeks. She is such a wonderful and loving dog. I could tell from the very first night she was here that she had been raised with a lot of love and....  

Thank you so much!!!!

Sugar is doing beautifully! I am so very, very pleased with her. She is smart - loves to be with me - is very intelligent - and all around joy to have around! She is a great traveler too. She has her own special "blankee" in her bed, one in the livingroom, one in the car and, of course, at the office! She is doing beautifully in her training of all phases - obedience, tricks, and then all around silliness. She is a joy to have with me in the car as well as in my home! Sugar is a beautiful companion. I just love her to pieces.


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