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Elegant English Bulldog Puppy Home


Their athletic build makes them great companions for all lifestyles; while their relaxed spirit allows them to be content while calm. 

Our MISSION at Elegant Bulldogs Puppies is to deliver JOY, one puppy at a time. 
We are not your typical “puppy store.” Our puppies have “condos”, not cages or crates. 
We use custom-made enclosures with rubberized flooring to pamper our puppy’s paws.
We have a negative air pressure system which keeps fresh air circulating 24-hours a day; serves to avoid any potential cross-contamination. Our puppies are treated like rock stars.

Our Commitment::
We are 100% committed to eliminating all substandard breeding operations from coast-to-coast. We support pet adoption and to that end we only acquire those puppies that most people would find difficult if not impossible to obtain through a shelter. Our vetting process is rigorous. In order for a breeding operation to make the grade they must not only have a flawless record from the USDA but they must also pass our own set of requirements. For example, all parents or puppies must be housed in a 100% sanitary, climate controlled environment. There must be at least one member of the family for the dogs to ensure “more than adequate” care. They must be available for unscheduled inspection and as previously mentioned have a 100% flawless record with the USDA. On top of that, we schedule regular visits with the handful of breeders we work with so that we ourselves can confirm the care and cleanliness of their operation.
As we have stated in the past, if you can find the puppy of your dreams at a shelter we always recommend that be your first choice. However, if you are looking for something unique, a puppy that begins its existence at your home and doesn’t necessarily come with previous baggage, you may want to consider ELEGANT BULLDOGS HOME. We specialize ONLY in PUREBRED English Bulldogs.

We Love What We Do...
As a small home, we routinely have between 5 and 8 puppies that we care for. They are housed in five-star accommodations, receive the best food and best care as well as constant play and socialization time. We are very careful about who we will allow to purchase/adopt our babies. We love each and every one as if they were our own. It is a prerequisite that any one of us at home must not just like dogs, but must love caring for them! It is the best part of working at a puppy home such as ours. We make sure that there are significant opportunities for everyone to spend time with our puppies – to run, play and just have fun together. This is what we are all about. We love what we do.

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